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From all of us at My Pizza

Thank you Morgan Hill and beyond for your support since 1994.
Without you, My Pizza would not exist. That is why we owe it to our customers 
to always create unique and flavorful pizzas, salads and more .
We owe it to you to deliver excellent service and products with every visit.

This is why we refuse to use any ingredients that are not the best quality on the 
market. If you are not 100% satisfied with our service or product, 
please tell us on the same day, so we can make it right for you. Ultimately our goal is your 100% satisfaction. 

We love the Morgan Hill community, and for years, My Pizza has been giving back by supporting local schools, non-profit organizations and other public agencies that take care of our beautiful city. After all, 
everything we give back to our community did come from our loyal 
customers and our community. Thank you again Morgan Hill for your 
continued support of My Pizza.

Serving Morgan Hill and San Martin.

229 West Main Ave Suite A
Morgan Hill, CA 95037